The Fabulous Approach to Internet Marketing

March 30, 2007

I just read something relevant to online marketing and it really caught my attention. It’s about Dan Warner’s Fabulous strategy. Who is Dan Warner? Well let me quote this short description about him from ICANNWikki: “Dan is a well-known and highly respected executive with more than 10 years experience in Internet marketing. He has been a key driver of reform for quality and fraud control for advertising search and domain traffic with a significant ongoing relationship involving Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and other top NASDAQ companies.” Plus, he is identified as one of the most powerful person when it comes to Internet marketing.

Now let’s go back to the Fabulous strategy. The Fabulous approach is said to be more effective in targeting high traffic because it makes use of specific generic domains. What are these generic domains? The generic domains are said to be the type of domains which are only represented by the domain itself. They are recognized by their descriptive nature, which sets them apart from the branded domains.

So if you’ll be given the chance to choose between branded domains and generic domains I suggest that you opt for the latter one. Why? Because with generic domains you are targeting the specific terms that the users will be typing in the address bar. And by being specific, there’s a greater chance that your domain will receive higher response rates.

You think it’s absurd? Hmm yes, I know this may take a while to generate positive results. But you’ll see it’s worth the wait. It’s a great sales strategy so why not try it.


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