How Important are the Keywords to a Website?

March 29, 2007

Oh! It’s been a while since I’ve written my first blog here at WordPress.com. And I admit I’ve been very busy with other stuffs that I forgot to update my blogs. Sorry for that.

Okay. The whole idea about this blog is to give you an idea on the new things I’ve learned in my online marketing experience particularly about the hassle of marketing a real estate website, which I haven’t done before. Well, the subject for today is about keywords and their importance.

For those who haven’t heard of keywords and don’t know what keywords really are, this information can enlighten you.

Basically, the term “keywords” refer to words that are used in a web page which must go well with the words that users type in the search engines. They are usually found in the header or in the body of the document.

Hmmm you might be wondering what role does the keywords have to play in the search engine optimization. Well they are very crucial in online marketing specifically when it comes to driving higher traffic to your site. That’s why if you want to have a user-friendly and search engine-friendly site, you need to come up with the right keywords that your site wants to target. Remember it’s the keyword that serves as the building block of search engine optimization. I also came across this site which I think will be of help to your online marketing endeavors. The site is called Search Engine Watch.

There are many resources or should I say tools that you can use to boost up your web page and make sure that the search engines will really notice your site. Some of the resources that I find of value are the Wordtracker, Keyword Discovery tool and the Overture. These tools are really helpful in determining which keywords or keyword phrases should be used for your site. By this means you can be assured of a good ranking in the search engines.


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