Building a Lens

March 21, 2007

I’ve been hearing a lot about Squidoo. This made me think about just how Squidoo can help me in carrrying out my marketing objectives. Yes, it’s been two weeks now since I started my first Squidoo lens. It’s all about real estate marketing. It’s a short info page where I discussed some tips on how you can achieve a fruitful marketing for a real estate website.

Well at first I’m confused on how would I do it so what I did was I gathered some helpful tidbits on how to create a lens. I read the Squidoo FAQ’s and also searched the Net for some tips on how to arrive at a great-looking Squidoo page. According to Chris on his article, Squidoo is open for everyone. It’s very different from other sites to the extent that it has modules that you can add to your page; you also have the privilege to change, edit or delete the module as long as you want to.

What’s more, your Squidoo lens are backed by some Google ads and other money-gaining stuffs to ensure that your page gets the high traffic that you desire. I’m a lensmaster now. And I’m happy to be one. If you’re new to SEO, joining the Squidoo community is definitely an upper hand.


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