Day 1 in Online Marketing

March 13, 2007

What can I say?

Hmmm, I’m a web content writer for almost three years now but today is a new day for me. Yes, it’s a new day. I never thought that in my 2 years working as a content writer I still haven’t memorized the whole cycle of search engine optimization and the meat of online marketing.

It took me 2 years to realize that I’ve been writing all this time without even getting to the bottom of what the real world of online marketing looks like. I admit I’m not perfect but learning new things is definitely an advantage for me.

Being a web content writer is a great career because you’re not only doing your job – which is writing but you’re also able to discover a lot of things – things that you never knew before.

Today I work as an online marketing agent. If you don’t know what it is, let me put into plain words for you. I work as a web content writer/SEO agent.

Day 1 of my work as an online marketing agent? I learned about Craigslist. Do you know what it is? Well actually I haven’t heard anything like it before. Thanks to DS I learned something new. Through the audio files that he gave me, I could say that I’m gaining a new experience in this new environment.

Craigslist is a yellow pages online that feature free classified ads and forums which are categorized into many different topics. It’s an online classifieds site where you can find all the job listings and other advertisements in your area. It’s also the best and the easiest way to build the online marketing strategy of a website. So if you’re just starting anew, this is the right way to build your site.


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